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Which is the best site to Convert Cryptocurrencies to Cash (Fiat) currency?

One of my pet peeves is when you are trying to understand what the real value of a certain cryptocurrency is. You may be on an NFT site or on an an exchange trying to figure out what is .1 bitcoin or 0.002 Eth for example.

I like to use coingecko by clicking on that particular cryptocurrency. When you look below the stats of the token you will see a crypto to fiat convertor. So we can see 0.001 bitcoin is equivalent to $37US.

I also like the charts that are provided on coingecko. You can easily see what the percentages are over different time periods for any token at the bottom whether it is 1 year or 1 hour.

I also recommend registering for their app where you can see alerts for large market cap or altcoins.

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