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Luna 2.0 & Airdrop Calculator Spreadsheet for UST & Luna Holders (Beginner Friendly)

Updated: May 29, 2022

Updated May 27 2022

Today we got news courtesy of FXstreet that Luna version 2 on May 27th 2022 despite everything that has happened.

BUT now last night the Terra Team confirm it has been delayed to May 28 6am UTC time I converted this time to Pacific Time zone (California) and it actually works out to May 27th 11pm

There is some information for an airdrop for existing holders. Basically an airdrop means that certain wallet addresses will receive free tokens usually for marketing purposes. For Luna they created a new chain and will read transactions and your wallet address to issue out the luna 2 tokens to you without you doing work. Here are some key points

  • The new luna token may be launched as soon as May 27

  • There will be no algorithmic stable coin on the new blockchain (known as genesis chain)

  • The new luna token will be called LUNA. The classic luna token will be rebranded to lunac

  • Generally Luna & UST holders before the attack (May 7) will a higher ratio of airdropped tokens

  • The revival plan Terra Luna received a 65% approval vote

  • Luna2 testnet is live

Which Exchanges Will List Luna2.0 on the New Chain & Support the Airdrop

We have prepared a Luna UST airdrop calculator to give you an idea of what you might receive based on figures from FXstreet. Keep in mind these figures may not be 100% accurate and that there are other criteria than will determine the amount you receive.

  • (May 7) Pre-attack LUNA - 1 : ~1.1

  • (May 7) Pre-attack UST - 1 : 0.033

  • Post-attack LUNA - 1 : 0.000015

  • Post-attack UST - 1 : 0.013

You may download the spreadsheet calculator if you wish to get a rough idea of your airdrop amount. My take on it is that Luna token holders before the attack are rewarded the most with more than 100% of their existing tokens. UST holders unfortunately barely get a bit more than 3%. We will try to update these figures as more information comes available.

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