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How to Create Digital Art & Mint NFT's on Multiple Blockchains

Updated: May 3, 2022

It can be a versatile skill to be able to create your own digital art with and mint NFT's on Ethereum or other blockchains like Polygon and Solana that offer lower fees. Where do you begin because there is a steep learning curve both on the creative and the cryptocurrency side of things.

In our Digital Art NFT Online Course we cover both the creative and cryptocurrency sides step by step. All you would need is an Ipad, Ipad pen, and the a low cost program called Procreate to create a digital artwork.

On the Cryptocurrency side you would need some cryptocurrency, a hot wallet, and some knowledge of which platforms to use and how to publish the NFT. In our course we teach you how to mint NFT's on the largest NFT marketplace called Opensea on Ethereum and Polygon. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain to mint nft's, but also potentially the highest cost because of gas transaction fees. Polygon blockchain offers gasless minting on Opensea, but is not as popular a blockchain in terms of projects and prospective collectors. Solana is it's own animal offering low transaction fees, but you have to mint NFT's using a complete different set of tools and platforms. All of this is covered in the online course if you wanted a step by step tutorial.

Digital Art NFT online Course for beginners

The good news is that our Digital NFT Art Online Course was featured on the website Business Insider, which is behind a paywall unfortunately, but you can read the article on my youtube video here. I partnered with a Dutch Digital Artist (Rose) in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico last year. The goal of the course was to make it accessible by teaching digital art and the necessary skills to mint a Non Fungible Token (NFT )to a beginner. NFT's are super hot in 2022 still and our course is unique because it is at the intersection between art and crypto and also a co-ed online course, which is rare in cryptocurrency.

A journalist found out about the course on Udemy and offered to write an article. We did a zoom call to answer additional questions, and it felt like months without seeing anything. I just found out last night that it had been published when I met Rose for our last lunch. We are super excited as business insider gets about 60 million views a month according to my tool Ubbersuggest.

We also have plans to expand the course to the Spanish and German market. I've been teaching online for 8 years, but only last year did I begin dubbing my cryptocurrency courses to Spanish. We have created a special coupon for this course if you are interested in supporting us and learning more about NFT's, Digital Art, and Cryptocurrency.

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