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How to Buy the Nomad Coin on Pancake Swap (Binance Smart Chain) & Why we bridged some tokens off eth

Nomad coin Contract Address on Binance


The nomad coin is the first digital nomad coin that we originally minted on the ethereum blockchain. It is also known as an ERC20 custom token. The ethereum network has become too popular with applications like non fungible tokens (NFT's) bringing expensive gas fees for just about every transaction including purchasing the nomad coin. This also applies to the INCH token.

To alleviate the expensive gas fees to purchase our cryptocurrency we migrated a 20% of our tokens from the ethereum network to the binance smart chain (bsc). The technical term for this is called bridging. The BSC network is similar to the ethereum network, but the fees to use it are a lot cheaper.

What are some other differences between the BSC Network & Ethereum
  • You purchase ethereum based tokens on Uniswap whereas you purchase bsc network tokens on pancake swap

  • The ethereum network charges expensive gas fees paid in ETH

  • The BSC network is a decentralized network that is similar to ethereum, but the fees are lower and it uses BNB token to covers transactions

How to Buy the Nomad Coin on Pancake Swap (BSC Network)

  1. Add the BSC Network to your hot wallet (metamask, trust wallet)

  2. Fund your hot wallet with BNB

  3. Click the buy button to link to our token on Pancake swap

  4. Swap BUSD or BNB for Nomad

  5. Add the token to your metamask or whichever hot wallet you're using

  6. Check your Balance in your hot wallet

How to fund your Wallet with BNB

after you've add the BSC network to metamask you need to send some BNB to your hot wallet. We will use metamask in our example for our hot wallet. If you have BNB from Binance you can send it to your Metamask hot wallet address.

how to buy nomadcoin on pancake swap

If you have the trust wallet you can buy BNB directly from here, click on dapps and then open up and click the buy button. This will take you to pancakeswap with our coin contract address to buy.

If you want to move use to get BNB to buy nomadcoin

ok if you're on one of the best crypto exchanges there is a workflow to get the nomad coin or any token on pancake swap. Check out the video for the step by step.

  1. First you need to buy BUSD or BNB from In this video I will buy BUSD on and move it to my metamask hot wallet

  2. transfer the BUSD off to your external wallet. I like use use the qr code from my metamask. You will have to pay a $5 fee, and select the BSC network. It may take 5-10 minutes to transfer

  3. You then need to connect to pancake swap and swap busd for BNB

  4. If you haven't already go to the and click the buy button to add the token to your wallet

  5. Now you can swap BNB, BUSD or other tokens to NOMAD. You will need BNB in your wallet to pay for any transactions.

  6. Add the Nomad token to your metamask and verify you received your tokens! Celebrate!

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